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DSB and Howdy create better wellbeing

Howdy is a digital tool, that promotes dialogue and opens the door towards more wellbeing self awareness. Through a continous method Howdy paves the way towards better mental and physical wellbeing.

Your participation is anonymous to everyone except you. We take care of your data, while you take care of yourself and your wellbeing – start by answering your Howdy today.

1.   Measuring

Howdy regularly measures your mental and physical wellbeing. The measurements create an opportunity for you to think about your situation, and provides a common language that makes it easier for you to talk openly about wellbeing.

  • Simple and easy through app or web
  • Focus on your own and your colleagues wellbeing
  • The individual remains anonymous
2.   Insight

As an Employee you obtain insight into your own wellbeing history and development over time. Howdy makes you aware of when you should act in order to improve your wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing overview
  • Promotes action when wellbeing is low
3.   Action

In case of low wellbeing, you are encouraged to take action. A preventative action is better and more effective – Howdy helps you know when it is time to take action. Acting on low wellbeing can – among other things – be actions such as:

  • Consider why you feel the way you to
  • Talk to someone: your manager, colleague or someone at home
  • Contact your health insurance (Tryg) or your doctor.
4.   Change

As an employee, you are presented with exercises that can help you achieve a better wellbeing / or relief of any physical pain you might have. You and your colleagues are also learning a common language for wellbeing that can make it easier to ask “Howdy – how do you do?”

  • Individual mini interventions
  • Exercises that can help with physical pain
  • A common language for talking about wellbeing
  • Tips and Tricks to help with mental wellbeing