Make sure that the message gets through


A whitelist is a list or a register of units and services that are accepted, approved and/or recognised.

From which IP-adress do you send out communication?

We do not use one single IP-adress to send out our emails and for this reason, we cannot give an adress which can be whitelisted. We use DKIM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DomainKeys_Identified_Mail) and SPF(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework). With DKIM, we always use this selector: mandrill._domainkey.worklifebarometer.comYou can use these to verify that the emails are coming from our server and that they are not spam.

Which email address do your emails come from?

Our emails have a ”Bounce address” (Return-Path) which ends in ”@track.worklifebarometer.com”. For example: ”bouncemd_30317139.56c1c70e.v132b4bff3ae5a409fac80d744adeec8b9@track.worklife-barometer.com”.Our emails have a ”from adress,” which is ”Worklife Barometer <noreply@worklifebarometer.com>”Our emails have a ”reply-to-adress” which is ”noreply@worklifebarometer.com”


SpamAssassin gives our emails an average score of 3.1. Emails with a score under 5 are generally not consi-dered as spam. Other spam filters can treat our emails differently. Speak to your IT department or supplier and send them all of the above information.

Whitelisting SurveyGizmo IP-addresses and domains

We use SurveyGizmo to work out our implementation plans and our ongoing user surveys. If you encounter any trouble, it could be because you have to whitelist the SurveyGizmo domain or the IP-address in order to help solve the problem. To get access to this domain and to the IP-address, al you need to do is fill out the following form.

Importance of whitelisting

To ensure that you receive our emails regar-ding setting up your account, reminders and other relevant communication, it is important that our emails are whitelisted. This is typically the responsibility of your IT department or your internet / service provider. Be aware that the demands can vary from provider to provider and we therefore recommend that this page is directed at the relevant person.