Appendix 1

The Processed Data

The Personal Data the Data processor is processing on behalf of the Data responsible affects the categories of Personal Data that is transferred to the Data processor in an agreed way

The item for data processing

The Data Responsible’s employees are offered access to the Howdy platform with access to the modules the Data Responsible has purchased access to.

The duration of the data processing

The data processing commences when the Data Responsible hands over data to the Data Processor.

The data processing ceases when:

  • The agreement between the Data Responsible and the Data Processor expires.
  • The employee accepts the terms and conditions of the Howdy platform and thereby signs up. Hereafter, processing is no longer performed on behalf of the Data Responsible, but the processing of the received data is completed on the basis of the employee’s consent, where the Data Processor under this agreement becomes independent Data Responsible for the processing.

The character of the processing

The Data Processor receives, utilises and stores personal data from the Data Responsible. The data processing is used to offer the Data Responsible’s employees to use the Howdy platform. As part of this processing the employees receive an invitation to use the service on the provided e-mail.

The purpose of the treatment

The purpose of the processing is to offer the Howdy platform to the employees of the Data Responsible.

Type of personal data

As Data Processor, only the data that the Data Responsible provides is stored. This is typically:

Personal data:

  • Organisational ID *
  • First name *
  • Surname *
  • E-mail address *
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Role: Employee / Manager
  • Seniority
  • Date of birth
  • Private zip code + city
  • Health scheme


  • Department hierarchy (Divisions, Departments, Units)
  • Nearest manager
  • Location

* marks the required information for setting up the agreement.

The categories of the registered persons

Employees of the Data Responsible.