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Webinar are conducted continuously throughout the year – packed with the newest information about wellbeing, as well as our best methods of how to create success, change and sustainable decisions. Our webinars contribute and inspire you to continue the work you do with wellbeing.

Howdy webinars are tailored towards everyone who has an interest in wellbeing and personal growth.

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We are currently planning our webinars for 2021. If you have any special topics you would like us to touch upon – we’d love to hear it! Send us your thoughts here, and keep an eye out for the 2021 schedule!


Do I acknowledge nonverbally? YES… What is the impact of our acknowledgements? We work with acknowledgement by creating a greater consciousness of what we wish to acknowledge in order to achieve higher wellbeing at work – and at home.

25 November 2020
09.00 GMT+1

This webinar is in English.

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