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New cooperation set to increase wellbeing among higher education students

With a new digital tool, which includes a proactive response team, SRG and Howdy can help educational institutions follow the wellbeing of their students and assist and support those students who thrive to achieve better performances and decrease poor wellbeing or unnecessary dropouts.


A new, modern Howdy-app has launched

The Howdy-app won a lot of acclaim for its simplicity and ability to get users to stop and reflect. However, recurring feedback been a desire from users to get ”a little more”. Naturally, we have


Worklife Barometer changes their name

Worklife Barometer is changing their name to Howdy. The name of the company and their product are now the same.  Why change their name?  Worklife Barometer believes that Howdy is more modern, shorter and has greater recognisability.


Great position in Velliv’s analysis

Velliv Foreningen has conducted a study that compares several new digital tools that offer to help start the conversation about well-being in the workplace through ongoing measurements of, for example, stress, job satisfaction or well-being via computer or in an app.


We take good care of your data

Data security and personal data management are really important for our business in Howdy. Therefor we have received an ISAE3000 declaration at PwC


Corona – a nightmare or a dream?

Hør hvordan en samtale med Howdy beredskabet gør hverdagen lettere for dine medarbejdere. Forestil dig en hverdag uden kø på motorvejen. En hverdag uden en stram tidsplan, ingen lukketider i institutionerne, rigelig tid sammen med


The Danish Swimming Federation has joined Howdy

Et af vores seneste samarbejder er med Dansk Svømmeunion – et samarbejde vi i Howdy er ekstrem stolte af og nysgerrige på. Her fortæller Lars Green Bach, sportschef i Dansk Svømmeunion, hvorfor de har valgt


Even better insight with Howdy Feedback

Siden april 2019 har Howdy brugerne kunnet give en individuel kommentar til deres arbejdsgiver som et supplement til den løbende trivselsmonitorering. Kommentarerne er fortsat anonyme og fremgår af den månedlige afdelingsrapport til lederen. Vores kunder

Corona Virus

Howdy offers free Corona wellbeing hotline

In a time were our everyday lives are turned upside down, it is healthy to put this in into words. Therefore, the Howdy response team will be opened to all users. The corona situation causes

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