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Worklife Barometer ApS started in 2014 – we had a mission, we wanted to break the growing stress curve in the Danish labor market through prevention. We wanted to move past the outdated wellbeing and workplace assessments (APV), which through lengthy biannual questionnaires would be conducted every two years and would not give businesses the opportunity to spot or intervene before sick leaves becomes a reality. What we wanted to do, was to ask relevant/validated question with a high frequency, and regularly provide feedback back to the company – on which they could act upon.

In our research we found the WHO-5 – a validated questionnaire for the identification of wellbeing. The model was developed by a Danish professor and first presented in 1998. This model we built into an app and attached a business psychologist response centre from the Danish Psychiatry Foundation, who would contact those who showed signs of low or declining wellbeing. The science told us, that people often waited too long before acting, and we therefore decided that the response centre should be activated proactively – they would simply call the person up without being asked for it – we decided to let the data and people’s behaviour determine the reaction

Ambitions and successes

Today there are approximately 14.000 users on the solution distributed on approx. 70 companies in Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It is our ambition to double the number of users each year and continue our expansion into new countries. 

Out of 3,000 responses in our user surveys, 1.6% of the respondents reported that they have most likely avoided sick leave due to Howdy. Furthermore, approximately 12% said that the use of Howdy has led them to talk to their manager about wellbeing-problems.

Today there are more than 10 people employed in Worklife Barometer, focusing on IT, sales, marketing and product development. In 2018 we launched a new partner strategy, in which pension companies and health providers (including Falck Healthcare) will ensure sales, implementation and implementation of change processes – allowing Worklife Barometer to focus on developing and improving the solution while scaling up our business.

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